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Welcome to the official website of Cod3 M

Martin Wetzels aka Cod3 M was born on October 1st 1980 in Aachen, Germany and was raised in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
Martin started as a hobby DJ (DJ-MW) in 1996 playing on school party’s, weddings, private party’s, small clubs and bars. From 2007 till 2012 he became the resident DJ of the biggest club of South Netherlands on Saturday nights, Peppermill Music Palace which had a great impact on his further career. Here he played together with big names like: Hardwell, Billy The Klit, Tony Cha Cha, Busta Rhymes, Flo Rida, The Game, Magic System, DJ Jean, Puresang, Partysquad, Peter Luts, La Fuente, and many more famous names during the years.

In 2010 a German club (Club Elysée, Aachen) discovered him and asked him to play on Friday nights. Club Elysée was able to make a good offer to Martin which made him switch totally to Aachen in summer 2012. While bookings from other events and clubs started to become more and more, Martin decided April 2014 to quit his regular job as finance manager to concentrate more on his DJ and music career. In the same month he was asked to play for a club in Heinsberg, Discothek Himmerich, in their house and electro area. After his first gig in this club, they booked Martin for the rest of the year and made him leave cub Elysée.

After being booked on several festivals in 2011, like Castle of Love, LIK and Parkcity Live, he started to create his own style and started to learn about producing his own tracks.
September 2013 he released his first track and produced a bunch of tracks, mixes and bootlegs till now. Why don’t you check out the demos and download area? Most of the tracks are available as free downloads.

Cod3 M started to play all-round (R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, Charts, 90s, Rock, Pop, etc) and slowly concentrated more and more to Club, Dance and Electro music. If you like to book Martin for a special theme, just contact us and we will discuss and prepare the setlist. But please keep in mind that depending on the guests it is never 100% sure that all tracks can/ will be played. Every night is different as you know and it depends to the crowd which direction music will be played, but we can guarantee you that your night will be a big success.

Please feel free to check our calendar for bookings.

Here you can find mroe information about DJ Karami, which you can find in some live mixes of Cod3 M: DJ Karami


Here is a list of the places Cod3 M played: